Montgomery Taylor

Jungian Astrologer, Mythologist, Radio Show Host

margaretHealing/Holistic Services

"Metaphysics is only Quantum Physics poetically expressed."

Monty brings over 40-years practice to understanding the impact of the astrological influences and their psychological applications on individuals, companies, countries, and cultures to better understand the normal stages of personal and collective evolution of our relationships, finances, career goals and self-understanding.

Called "the Joseph Campbell of Astrology", he lectures regularly at the UN and many other venues and is an active member of the National Council of Geocosmic Research, where he also speaks on using metaphysical tools in a relevant way in business and personal areas of life.

His Internet radio show "Living Consciously" features guests from the world of holistics, metaphysics, business, and the fine arts who share wisdom on being effective in making meaningful contributions to society and business (www.talkingalternative.com).