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"Let ancient wisdom bring your meditation to the next level"

My name is Adam Banning, I’m a Nutritional Consultant for an International Life Sciences Company. For the past 18 years I’ve educated thousands of mainstream and alternative healthcare providers on the research supporting the use of food and natural substances in the treatment of chronic diseases. Over the years, many people have known me as the “Science Guy” by listening to me on the radio or attending one of my lectures.

But, what most people don’t know is ever since I was a child I’ve had the ability to read & create energetic fields, relieve the pain of others, channel the wisdom of angelic guardians & avatars, and inspire people to make powerful choices in their lives. It all began shortly after my seventh birthday when I witnessed something that gave me access to a number of very ancient and curious gifts. From that moment forward, I began to rediscover what I had forgotten. My soul’s origin, lineage, and true mission in this life.

A few months ago I had a vision of a meditation stool surrounded by 4 crystal altars. As soon as I saw them, I knew these pieces would create a perfect sanctuary to help myself and others meditate with a greater connection to Gaia and the Multi-dimensional Universe. I built my own Crystal Meditation Sanctuary and started using it with a special guided meditation that I recently had channeled. These meditations have been life changing.

For information and pricing on custom made Crystal Meditation Sanctuaries go to my website or call me directly at 917-301-7230.